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Written by: denis
28/05/2018 17:32  RssIcon

C'est avec spontanéité et sympathie que nous nous faisons l'écho d'une opération de soutien pour des amis qui ont été confrontés dernièrement à une bien fâcheuse situation.

Les explications ci-après (En anglais dans le texte), ainsi que l'affiche de l'exposition dédiée à l'énigme des crop circles:

Support needed ! Please Share - After the recent theft of many crucial items of the Crop Circle Exhibition & Information Centre we urgently need your support to raise funds to rebuild and continue the Expo & Centre. Every single donation makes a big difference. Thank YOU!!


Go to the website and click on donation button:


Or go directly to donation button:


A thank you - Those who are willing to donate 15 GBP or more, will receive a copy of the Exhibition at Home ; the online edition of the Crop Circle Exhibition, including all the (updated) information-panels of our previous exhibitions.


The Exhibition & Information Centre is a self-financed and self-sustained non-profit project. Its goal is to inform a wider audience about the ‘unknown facts’ of the crop circle phenomenon. The exhibition was made possible with a huge support by many individual researchers, crop circle friends, enthusiasts as well as many helping-hands.

The exhibition & centre premiered at the Wiltshire Museum in 2014 and is touring since then.


Theft - After the Exhibition was hosted at The Barge Inn at Honeystreet in the summer of 2017, it was stored for the winter in the next-door Barn. Just before the items should be transferred to the Exhibition’s new home at the nearby Honeystreet Mill Café, it was discovered that the Barn was robbed and many crucial items were stolen, including displays, expensive technical equipment like digital frames, cameras, headphones, and a video-beamer. Altogether it was a loss in excess of £5,000 GBP.


Read more about the sad event HERE



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